Trai seeks stakeholder comments on rules for satellite connectivity

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Trai seeks stakeholder comments on rules for satellite connectivity

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) on Friday floated a consultation paper, seeking comments from stakeholders on regulations for satellite-based connectivity that would enable low bit-rate services commercially as well as for captive usage.

In a letter in November, the department of telecommunications (DoT) sought recommendations from the sector regulator on licensing framework for low bit-rate applications using satellite connectivity. The department is of the view that low bit-rate services require a framework including entry fee, license fee, bank guarantee, spectrum usage charge, royalty fee, among others.

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In telecom and computing, bit rate is the number of bits that are processed per unit of time.

“Considering the constraints in the existing provisions in respect of proposed satellite-based low-bit services, DoT has stated that there is a need for suitable licensing framework providing such services both on commercial as well as captive usage,” Trai said.

The telecom department has asked Trai to examine all factors holistically and recommend provisions under the licensing framework of DoT or suggest new policies to regulate such services, the regulator said.

Trai has sought comments from various stakeholders by 9 April, and the counter comments are to be submitted by 23 April, Trai said.

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