Azercosmos Inks Broadcast Deal in Africa with View Satellite Network

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Azercosmos Inks Broadcast Deal in Africa with View Satellite Network

Azerspace-2 satellite. Photo: Azercosmos

Azercosmos has signed a new broadcasting capacity deal in Africa. The company has come to an agreement with View Satellite Network, which will use capacity on the Azerspace-2 satellite to provide digital satellite services in HD to its customers in Africa. Azercosmos announced the deal Feb. 25.

“This partnership will enable us to provide uninterrupted distribution of popular channels in HD to millions of our viewers, particularly in the West African region,” View Satellite Network CEO, Maxwell Osei said in a statement.

Azercosmos is looking to build a stronger position in the African market. The company has three satellites, Azersky, Azerspace-1 and Azerspace-2. AzerSpace-2 was launched in 2018 at the 45 degrees East orbital position.

This is the second major broadcast capacity deal that Azercosmos has signed this year. In January, Azercosmos announced deals with the Kyrgyzian Ayan TV and Super TV channels to be broadcast on its Azerspace-1 satellite. These channels broadcast daily political, social, economic, and cultural programs of Kyrgyzstan in Russian and Kyrgyz languages.

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