London’s Best Brunch Meal Kits

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London’s Best Brunch Meal Kits

Breakfast In Bread, from The Barge House.

Hey, remember ‘going somewhere’ for ‘brunch’? This is like that, except without the ‘going somewhere’.

Pancake like a pro with these kits from the London Bridge restaurant. Each kit comes with the makings of a North American-style stack — buttermilk pancake mix, and bananas, bacon, blueberries and maple syrup (the vegetarian option swaps the bacon for halloumi, and the vegan option includes fake bacon and dairy substitutes). This is good DIY kit territory, being simple if you just want to follow the rules but still easy to throw extra flourishes — our advice: honey, nuts, goat’s cheese — in if you’re feeling flamboyant.

Details: £45, makes about 6 servings. Delivers across London — price varies depending on location.

Order here.

Dishoom — the bacon naan kit

Photo credit: Charlie McKay.

While you can get their main menu at home if you live within Deliveroo zone of one of their London restaurants, arguably the best — and the best-value — way to get a Dishoom fix in lockdown’s via their DIY bacon naan kit. Packages come with bacon smoked over applewood and beechwood, cream cheese, coriander, the signature tomato-chilli Dishoom ketchup, and three doughballs. There’s also a vegan sausage option.

Kits include a DIY masala chai package, a donation to kids’ food charity Magic Breakfast for each kit bought, and video instructions for any nervous first-time naaners.

Details: £16 for two people, £6 for delivery across the UK.

Order here.

The Barge House’s famous brunches baked into a bread, without the Barge House’s infamous waiting time for a table. Okay yeah, we love and miss the Haggerston cafe. But we’re starry-eyed about the idea of one of these fearsomely heavy loaves on demand — a full English crammed into its central hollow, creaking under the weight of its own ambition, an egg baked into the top.

Loaves arrive vacuum-packed, freezable, or can keep for five days in the fridge. Of all the brunch options on this list, this is probably the lowest effort and highest reward — just stick it in the oven for 20 minutes.

New this year, there’s a vegan option with aubergine, olives, tomatoes and green sauce. There’s a gluten-free option, a smoked salmon option, a very, very good vegetarian option, and a few different boxes and cocktail add-ons to ramp up the ceremony. But for our money, you can’t do better than the OG duo — the Original (sausage, bacon, spinach, cheese, tomato, leeks, mushrooms, topped with an egg), and the Hot Stuff (same sort of thing but with chorizo, beans and chilli).

Details: £15 a bread, with free delivery for four items or more. The Climpson’s Coffee Box comes with two Breakfast In Breads, one bag of Climpson’s coffee, a coffee drip and filters for £45.

Order here.

Shuk — the sabich kit

Borough Market streetfood-slingers Shuk recently dropped several new savoury cook-at-home options, to add to their popular DIY babka package. Most brunch-suited among them, we reckon, the Sabich Pita Kit — four pitas, to be turned into sabich (Middle Eastern breakfast standard of aubergine, eggs, tomatoes, pickles, tahini — substantial and rich enough to be very good at soaking up any lingering effects from the night before).

They also do a good-looking pita kit collab with Ginger Pig — with brisket braised in date honey, spices and red wine.

Details: £30 for two people — maybe more if you’re more restrained than we are. Delivers across London.

Order here.

Dinner and brunch combination kits

The set menu dinner kits from Shedletsky’s in Hackney often come with the makings of breakfast for the next day — recently that’s included beef heart tacos for the night before, and huevos rancheros for the morning after.

Details: Delivering in Hackney.

Order here.

The Laundry — the Laundretters Overnighter box

The Brixton restaurant’s including a morning after package with their Friday evening make-at-home dinner. The set menu includes a three-course dinner, side dishes, aperitif, bottle of wine, and brunch — it changes weekly but at time of writing that means the makings of bloody Marys and shakshuka.

Details: £50 for one person, £90 for two people for the meat option. Vegan option £45 for one person ,£80 for two people — delivers across London on Fridays, order by Wednesday.

Order here.

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