New Satellite Data Services Company SpaceLink Adds Four Execs to Leadership Team

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January 21, 2021
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New Satellite Data Services Company SpaceLink Adds Four Execs to Leadership Team


Larry Rubin, Rob Singh, Tony Colucci and David Lihani, who all held executive roles at Maxar Technologies‘ SSL subsidiary, have been appointed to fill chief leadership roles at SpaceLink, a new Washington, D.C.-based satellite data relay system company owned by Australia-based Electro Optic Systems.

Rubin, former vice president for enterprise competitiveness at SSL, and Rob Singh, who was SSL’s VP for business development and strategy, have been appointed to serve as SpaceLink’s chief operating officer and chief technology officer, respectively, the company said Tuesday.

The EOS subsidiary also named Lihani, former VP and chief trade compliance officer at SSL, as general counsel; and Colucci, former SSL’s VP of marketing and sales, as chief strategy and commercial officer.

The newly appointed executives are tasked to work with David Bettinger, CEO of SpaceLink, as the company offers services that relay data between low Earth orbit satellites and ground systems.

SpaceLink expects its data relay system to facilitate communications for crewed spaceflight and support transmissions of Earth observation data for space agencies. The system is also designed for defense and intelligence applications.

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