Portland’s Satellite Tavern moves ahead by going back to basics

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Portland’s Satellite Tavern moves ahead by going back to basics

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Just about every restaurant and bar has had to reimagine the way they serve and entertain customers during the pandemic — and one North Portland Tavern is moving ahead by going back to basics.

Up at the Satellite Tavern, they’ve made a turn toward a simpler, neighborhood friendly place for people to gather. There you’ll get to experience the area’s new restaurant concept: outdoor, covered,  and heated. 

“We really wanted keep something a little more simple and comfortable and really have kind of an unpretentious irreverent neighborhood bar,” John said.

It is a place seeking to become the “Cheers” of its neighborhood, with plentiful covered outdoor seating, heaters keeping customers comfortable and big screens in keeping with the sports bar vibe they’ve aiming for. It’s the new public space for people to watch and enjoy sports on TV. 

“Everyone is sticking closer to their neighborhoods, they feel a little safer in their neighborhood,” he said. “[It’s] a little more comfortable and certainly the convenience of being able to take a walk and for someplace like this, we have arguably one of the best outdoor patios in the neighborhood, so we’re almost the defacto park.”

Don’t forget good bar food like wings and nachos — great familiar food to go with comfortable surroundings. This new special place is getting through the pandemic by simplifying and retrieving comfortable space lost to the pandemic. Satellite Tavern is located at 5101 N. Interstate Avenue in Portland.

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