Kim Jong Un Offers Rare Sneak Peek at North Korea’s Weapons Program

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Kim Jong Un Offers Rare Sneak Peek at North Korea’s Weapons Program

SEOUL—North Korea has long kept its adversaries on their toes with taunting rhetoric and surprise weapons tests.

As President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office, leader Kim Jong Un offered a sneak peek of Pyongyang’s pipeline of military hardware with unusual detail during a rare Workers’ Party Congress meeting that ended this week.

The North is developing military drones, a nuclear-powered submarine and surveillance satellites, Mr. Kim said. Missiles will get smaller and lighter. Others will fly farther.

A hypersonic warhead, which generally can travel a mile per second, is ready for testing and production, he said. The guidance technology for a multi-warhead rocket, presumed to be for an intercontinental ballistic missile, is at its final stage.

At a Thursday night military parade celebrating the Workers’ Party meeting, the North put a host of military hardware on display, including a submarine-launched ballistic missile that state media touted as the “world’s most powerful weapon.”

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