China’s New Rules Amp Up Pressure on U.S. Businesses

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China’s New Rules Amp Up Pressure on U.S. Businesses

HONG KONG—Beijing hit back against recent U.S. restrictions targeting Chinese companies, saying it plans to ban Chinese firms and citizens from complying with foreign laws and sanctions it deems “unjustified.”

Beijing’s new rules, released Saturday, also allow Chinese companies to sue in Chinese courts those who comply with the foreign laws.

The rules come after the U.S. imposed various restrictions against Chinese companies. Those include blocking some Chinese companies like Huawei Technologies Co. from obtaining certain components made by U.S. or foreign suppliers, or accessing U.S. technology.

While the rules didn’t name any specific foreign laws or sanctions, they amp up pressure against U.S. and other foreign companies with a footprint in China, possibly forcing them to choose between American or Chinese regulations, according to people in the foreign business community.

They also come as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office this month, presenting him with the question of whether to overturn Trump administration actions targeted at China.

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