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But I don’t just teach about it — I have practiced it, myself, in the process of co-founding Idea Champions, Brainstorm Champions, and Face the Music, as well as writing Storytelling for the Revolution (and five other books), creating Free the Genie, Zoomstorming, creating Wisdom Circles in Mexico, Australia, and the US, and facilitating more than 1,000 ideation sessions for some of the most powerful organizations in the world.

I am not bragging, ladies and gentlemen — simply setting some context for you — my attempt to get on your radar screen long enough for you to consider the possibility of allowing me to be of service you.

Mine has not been a straight and narrow path.

While most of my clients assume I am a psychologist, my formal education is in poetry — where I was a graduate student at Brown University. It didn’t take long, in that academic environment, to realize I wanted to live the poetry of life, not just write about it — and so I quit — thus beginning a long and winding road of “professions” that taught me a lot about human nature and the heart’s desire — the kind of professions that left my mother somewhat baffled around the canasta table: dishwasher… waiter… house painter… gardener… cook… day care teacher… underground newspaper editor… community organizer… freelance writer… social worker… political speechwriter… subway musician… monk… co-Founder of a corporate consulting company… co-founder of a corporate blues band… winner of the best Innovation Blogger of the Year award… creator of Wisdom Circles… six-time author… learning consultant to an Islamic school in Australia… and now, creator of THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY.

Bottom line, I know what it takes to originate, develop, and manifest bold new ideas — and often against all odds.

Why am I offering The Year of Living Creatively now? Because all the rivers of my life have brought me to this place and time — one of the silver linings of Covid-19. Or as Picasso put it: “The act of creation begins first of all as an act of destruction.”

The old world order is collapsing. So many of the out-dated systems and structures we have relied on are crumbling right before our eyes. In the face of this massive shift, I’ve noticed there are two basic kinds of human response: Some people get paralyzed. Others get animated — fueled by the recognition that it is time to change and that, indeed, they are not only capable of adapting to the times, but need and want to adapt — for themselves, their families, their friends, neighbors, tribes, communities, and who knows how many other people on planet Earth.

Bottom line, my business model has radically changed since Covid-19 disrupted everything: from serving organizations to serving individuals. From delivering my services onsite to delivering them online.

At first I resisted this change, bitching and moaning, not wanting to “start all over again” after 33 years of building my own empire. But then, in a flash, in the middle of a quarantine, 10,000 miles from home, I got it. Or, as Charles Darwin said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.”

What does this have to do with you, my friend? Everything. Or nothing. You get to decide.

My offer is a simple one — to provide you with an elegant way to significantly increase the odds of you manifesting your heart’s desire in 2021 and beyond — to go over, around, and through whatever obstacles are in the way of you working your magic in the world.

The service I provide is like type O blood. It’s the universal donor. It applies to everyone, no matter what form their work takes. Like water, it takes the shape of any vessel it is poured into. Think of it, if you like as a kind of GPS for your heart’s desire. I am talking about the process of discovering new and better ways of navigating your own creative process — that deeply felt aspiration to make your contribution in the world, no matter your age, astrological sign, education, nationality, religion, or politics.

I am not talking about a magic pill. But I AM talking about magic — the magic of realizing that you not only have what it takes to achieve the seeming impossible, but the entire universe is conspiring to support your efforts. AND IT WILL — as long as you say YES to yourself and the fascinating process of manifestation.

While it may seem inflated to say what I am about to say, I am going to say it anyway — I have caught lightning in a bottle and I want to make it available to you. My hope? That you will open this bottle and it will help light your way forward.

And since I know that 95% of the people reading this are probably thinking “I don’t have the time” and “I don’t have the money”, I have done my best to make THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY both time-efficient and affordable. Twenty minutes a week is all it will take. And the cost is less than $3.00 a week — less than one cappuccino (but the buzz lasts a lot longer).

In the best of all worlds, you will see the value of subscribing to my YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY service with a friend — so you have built-in support — someone to jam with, each week — a partner and an ally. But if parternship is not your style, no problem — you can dive in on your own. Your choice.

THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY launches in March. Here is the ground it covers.

If you want me to let you know when it launches, simply email office@ideachampions.com with the phrase “The Year of Living Creatively” in the subject line. I will not sell your email address to anyone. I will not rent it or give it to anyone. I will not hustle you with “upselling” and other questionable practices. What I will do, is everything within my power to be of service to you in the most honorable way possible.

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