London’s Best Vegan Delivery Services

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London’s Best Vegan Delivery Services

If you’re planning Veganuary — or you’re looking for some very good food that just happens to be plant-based — these are some of our favourites. It’s midwinter so we’ve gone heavy on the comfort food, as a reminder that vegan doesn’t have to equal spartan self-denial.

Tendril isn’t always available for delivery — chef Rishim Sachdeva did a quick pivot in spring and started a set menu delivery across London, to be paused again when his residency in Soho can reopen. But till then, you can get his food sped to your door: almost entirely vegan (though you can specify if you want that to be entirely-entirely…) with big flavours, relatively huge portions, and £12 in total for lunch, dinner and delivery. His kimchi—cheese toasties and massaman curries would be a bargain at quite a lot more.

Order from Tendril or email for menu and delivery details.

The menu at Mao Chow’s all vegan, most of it fiercely chillied, all glorious. Mushroom mince in the dan dan gives the noodle dish a rich, dense can’t-believe-it’s-not-meat thunk of flavour: those and the ‘meaty veg’ dumplings are The Ones for wistful carnivores dabbling in vegan menus — but their short menu’s all hits, no misses.

Order from Mao Chow.

Eat of Eden — Brixton, Lewisham, more locations

Eat of Eden’s expansion this year is great news for vegans, vegetarians, or anybody into great-value, warming Caribbean. Grains, salads and cold dishes all feature but from now till spring we’ll be heading straight to the stews and curries section, maybe with a small detour for some fried plantain and their vegetable patties (pasty-style crescents stuffed with curries).

Order from Eat of Eden.

Now moved north of the river, these veterans of the vegan pizza scene have branched out into plant-based twists on other Italian classics (carbonara, bolognese, meatballs). But it’s their pizza they’re most beloved for, which they make with a range of bases to choose from — including ancient grains, wholemeal with turmeric, and plantain flour (for gluten-avoiders).

Order from PickyWops.

The ex-KERB traders are doing their TexMex-leaning menu — fake-meat tacos, loaded nachos, burritos — in delivery form within the usual radius of their Soho branch. But they’re also now doing DIY taco kits, available for delivery across London (very generous, relatively hard to mess up, more about assembly than actual cooking skills, £25 for four people).

Maybe it goes without saying, but there’s absolutely no chance you’re going to mistake their fake turkey tacos for real turkey tacos, their To-Fish for fish or their ‘jackfruit shortribs’ for… shortribs. These are not persuasively meaty vegan tacos. It’s all great in its own right, regardless.

Order from Club Mexicana.

Halo Burger — Brixton, Shoreditch

London’s had some solidly good new vegan burger places land in the last few years, but these guys are still one of our favourites. Their MO is fast food McDonald’s-ish burgers so they don’t feel that substantial — it’s squashy rather than chunky — but when you want a junky, (fake)cheese-dripping fix, this is a good bet. Just fyi, their Dirty Fries don’t travel that well — we’d recommend ordering the normal fries and having a lot of hot sauce and vegan cheese available at home to melt over them, if that’s what you’re after.

Honourable mention: Mooshie’s vegan burgers, delivering near their Shoreditch branch.

Order from Halo Burger.

Rudy’s has been a beloved staple of Londonist’s lunchbreaks/after-work drinks/pre-gig stomach lining for years — mostly thanks to their talent for making vegan takes on US diner classics feel just as sloppily filthy as the originals: mac and not-cheese, pretend-pastrami sandwiches, fake-milkshakes creaking under the weight of their toppings.

Order from Rudy’s.

Sagar — Soho, Hammersmith, more locations

Bit of a cheat, this one, as south Indian restaurant Sagar’s actually vegetarian rather than vegan. But most of the dishes are either vegan or can be made vegan on request, and their greatest hits (the dosa, the sambar and most of their curries) don’t need any adjusting.

Order from Sagar.

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