Best Of Londonist: 29 November 2020

Indonesian Police Search For Likely Terrorists Suspected of Killing 4 Christians & Burning Homes
Maya-1, PH’s first cube satellite, completes mission
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Best Of Londonist: 29 November 2020

Your Sunday Londonist round-up.

Some of these have never been released before.

Staff from London Aircraft Production workshops, where sections of new Handley-Page “Halifax” bombers are made, visiting an airfield to see the completed aircraft, 1945. Despite the need to maintain vital transport services during WW II in the face of air raids, wartime shortages and restrictions, the London Passenger Transport Board (LPTB) also played a part in direct war production.

Socks, scarves and even sofas (sponsor)

From Kate Bush to Neil Armstrong


BucketRace is here to rescue Christmas. (sponsor)

London is lit.

Mayfair Christmas lights on South Molton Street

Forget France – London Has Its Own River Moselle

Conventional classics and hi-tech installations.

A festive freebie for London renters. (sponsor)

A cheeky and charming festive treat.

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