CBN’s Superbook Blesses Children in South African Hospital with Bags of Toys

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CBN’s Superbook Blesses Children in South African Hospital with Bags of Toys

CBN’s Superbook outreach in South Africa is continuing to bless and comfort the lives of children across the country.

Through a generous donation from a CBN partner, young children in the pediatric wing of Victoria Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa received Superbook gift bags. 

“A few months ago, we received a generous donation of toys and teddy bears,” Superbook Mzansi wrote on Facebook. “The moment we saw these we thought of creating a Superbook goodie bag. We contacted the nearest children’s hospital ward – Victoria Hospital. They were more than happy to receive the packs and get a visit from the Superbook team!”

The team received special permission to distribute the Superbook bags that were stuffed with items for each child. 

CBN South Africa Director Ian Walton said, “giving children Superbook is one way we get to play our part in building and anchoring the faith of the next generation.”

The ministry aims to provide children all over Africa with an exciting experience when they have access to the Bible.

“It has been a dream of our Superbook team to minister to children in hospital,” the team wrote. “It is a great opportunity to reach out and put the gospel in the hands of vulnerable children. We know that opportunities such as this one is bursting with miracles and hope.”

You can find out more about what CBN is doing around the world by clicking here.

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